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Nested pack's overview
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Twin nest'pack
easy to open on shrink pack, bundle
Nested pack's equipments
Nested pack's solutions
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FEMAAG's optimisation software
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easy to open on shrink pack, bundle
FEMAAG's Market: beverage, dairy product,personnal and home care, food....
Femaag News
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FEMAAG's Market: beverage, dairy product,personnal and home care, food....
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Nested pack's overview
Nested pack's overview
Nested pack's equipments
easy to open on shrink pack, bundle
easy to open on shrink pack, bundle
easy to open on shrink pack, bundle
easy to open on shrink pack, bundle
Twin nest'pack
Nested pack's equipments
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You are looking for innovative equipments,

then find out our innovative solutions on our web site and don't hesitate to contact us

- Nest'packer officially Patented.

- A new Newsletter is available

- The nested pack FAQ is available on the website

- Nested packs of 12 and 15 bottles


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Nested Pack

Find out here all the advantages of nested packs for secondary packaging of all kinds of round products: PET, glass bottles, cans, canned foods....

Find out our patent-pendind solutions to retrofit your shrinkwrappers and traypackers with nested rearrangement module.

FEMAAG is the only one supplier who can provide a unique, simple and reliable nested packs solution for all your installed based machines from every kind of manufacturer. It's EASY.....

Twin nested Pack

Find out all the advantages of the Twin nest'pack for combining two nested packs together with important saving.

Your Market

Our simple, reliable and innovative applications can be used for a large range of market.

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Just Enjoy Profitable Innovations


FEMAAG provides a large range of nested pack solutions and equipments that you can discover here.

Special machines

FEMAAG can design some special installations according to your own specifications .

Give us your challenge.

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Nested packs in all ways


Innovative concepts

Welcome to FEMAAG - "Boost your business with our Packagings & Lines upgrades"




Easy-To-Open Pack :

Easy opening on shrinkwrapped packs

Your Packs stronger and more compact

Your future savings on packaging materials and logistic

Optimization of your pallets stability and capacity (up to 20%)

Easy and simple upgrade of your existing lines

Increase of your production’s efficiency

2 to 6 Months ROI

FEMAAG is currently the only player on the market to propose a complete and global offering in the field of nested packs.

This offering comprises 4 different pack arrangements (patent), the creation of pallet patterns, the conversion of your lines plus ,of course, the specific equipment that allows to produce the 4 shapes.

Simple and smart solutions to produce the 4 nested packs shapes on any of your shrink-wrapper.

Fast and easy installation (1 day).

Increase of packer's performances

No perforations, the film is ‘’only’’ stamped.

The sturdiness of the pack is not jeopardized.

No films change:  EOP will use your current films

A simple and easy integration: EOP module is independent and is fitted easily on any kind of shrink-packer without damaging its performances.

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